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Garodia's Academy - A Preschool. It aims to impart knowledge through the medium of play for children between the age group of 2 to 5 years. The children from the Academy graduate to class one of the P.G. Garodia School (I.C.S.E.).

Our philosophy:
Childhood should be a journey and not a race.

At the Academy we believe in 'Learning through Play'. We believe that children love to learn while they play and learn the best when they are having fun. Our stimulating and safe environment ensures that they become independent thus fostering their all - round development.

We also believe that parents play a very important part in their children's learning experiences. Which is why, parent participation is welcomed and appreciated.

Our motto:
For the Children, Of the Children, With the Children
Our goals:
To enable children to appreciate their own unique characteristics and abilities and strive to reach their own level of excellence.
To help them understand the world they live in and encourage their natural curiosity.
To provide the children an outlet to express their individual creative potential.
To encourage learning by means of discovery, questioning, exploration, experiment and participation.
To help children realize their own importance as individuals.
You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation - Plato

In keeping with our philosophy, the curriculum follows a developmentally appropriate practice. Based on the 'Play Way' philosophy, we provide ample scope to the children to explore their own creativity. We aim to make learning fun, exciting and surprising. The curriculum enables them to grow and develop physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Our curriculum places a lot of emphasis on creativity. Art, music, games and exercise also form a part of the daily curriculum.

Field visits, celebration of special days and festivals are an integral part of the curriculum.

Our faculty:
Garodia's Academy - A Preschool has a panel of well - qualified teachers. The in - service training ensures that every teacher is up - to - date with current educational development and teaching format. Under the guidance of responsive and consistent teachers in a nurturing environment, children not only learn important social skills but they also share a great rapport with their teachers.